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Choosing a Designer
An Artist Who Speaks Engineering

Illustrations of products under development can reveal many facets of the design, both good and bad.

Many products are built only after initial orders have been secured using marketing material prepared pre-production. For marketing surveys and securing financial backing, showing your product in a clear and attractive display will improve your success.

Drawings and photos can be combined to accurately visualize complex relationships. The presentation must be attractive and technically accurate to tell the story.

Your artist should understand how your product works and how your buyer will benefit from what you offer. Randall Boren, B. Industrial Design, synergizes art, marketing and engineering experience in every design.

**A degree in Industrial/Product Design includes studies of materials, manufacturing, and human factors in addition to four-dimensional aesthetic training as part of an Architecture degree.

Advertising Design: More than Pretty Pictures

Designing successful marketing materials takes both aesthetic and technical skills. Understanding the technology behind the process is vital to creating quality pieces.

Color reproduction and trapping are specialized areas of experience in printing that are difficult to learn without actual experience in a print shop. Advertising pieces that look great on a computer screen or color printer have to be set up properly or the final printed pages or magazine ads will appear with trapping errors or dull colors.

Randall Boren has managed the electronic prepress department in a large commercial print shop. He understands the entire color management process from scanner and image setter calibration to dot-gain correction for individual presses and papers.

When your advertising materials must be just right, his hands-on experience will make the difference for you.

The Importance of Understanding

Knowing the technique is vital to create a look. Randall Boren began teaching users of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and QuarkXPress in 1994.

Understanding the software lets the artist control the outcome, overcoming "packaged software effect de jour". Images that come alive are usually beyond the ability of common software filters, they require a visionary human guide.

Not all artwork will be printed or posted on the web. Since 1988, Mr. Boren has sandblasted and routed wooden signs, hand lettered boats and window glass, and installed full color sign work both outdoors and in trade show exhibits.

Combining many techniques means being able to smoothly coordinate all the messages that your company presents to your customers.

You can find answers for your commercial art needs with one phone call:

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