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Getting it Right

To make it easy to get an estimate for designing your materials, it is important to decide if the art will be used in one place or reproduced in a number of ways. For examples, your logo has to be created only once, saving money on the following jobs. However, it is important for the artwork to be created in a format compatible for all future use from signs to printed ads to web pages. Each of these applications require that the color specifications be adjusted for best results.

If there is a deadline, what is the event? If more than one piece is to be created, do you expect to have any finished to differing levels of quality? Is speed more important than detail for any of the pieces? Is there sufficient lead time to pass the artwork to additional vendors for mass reproduction?

Estimates are free. It is customary to make a downpayment of one third when commissioning artwork.

Scope of Project

Printed materials, PDFs and web pages can be designed together to enhance your image. If you do not wish to create all the pieces at once, you'll still need to plan ahead and think about about how all the pieces will work together.

Photographs can have a big influence on the project. Color correcting can mean either “pleasing color” or “accurate color” depending on what you need to emphasize for you product and service. I can expertly adjust the colors and images so that all visuals work together to deliver your message without distractions.

Scanned photos or downloaded digital images may have dissimilar qualities, as much as from setting up proper lighting and backgrounds for the shots as well as the type of capture, digital or film. I can provide some photo services or coordinate with a professional photographer as needed to fit your vision and budget.

Proofing Process

During the design process, I’ll create a number of proofs for you. The early proofs will be used to establish the arrangement of the contents. Next we’ll check how the elements fit, and then refine the details with focus on how it fits your target audience.

After the images and the text are polished and we’re sure that everything is as you expect it to be, I’ll deliver the final art to the printer, web host, or periodical.

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