Fresh water system with pressure tank
A Whale foot pump delivers 5 pounds of pressure to a one gallon air pressurized tank through a brass check valve. The tank pushes water through a cartridge charcoal filter to the tall faucet at the stainless steel sink. The pump can deliver twice the flow of the filter, creating a smooth flow without pulses or splashing. Once the tank is pumped up, water is delivered at the touch of a button without having to continue to pump. This is a big improvement over conventional small boat lever pumps which are difficult to use for hand and dish washing. Filter keeps the water clean and taste-free.

The new 15 gallon tank under the V-berth has a shut off valve behind a hinged plexiglas access door. The o-ringed filler for the tank is located just behind the sink so that if a hose is used to fill the tank, any dripping from the hose can be drained into the sink. The tank vent is high and centered at the bow with a fine screen vent to keep the water supply clean. Tank is oriented so that water does not slosh while at anchor, and is placed forward of the center of gravity to compensate for heavier payloads aft when weekending. For daysailing, a smaller water load will improve light wind performance. | © 2004 Randall S. Boren | Melbourne, Florida USA | Site Map
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