New standing rigging with cockpit controls
Shrouds and stays recently replaced with "316" stainless wire for best salt corrosion resistance. A powerful split back stay adjuster makes stepping the mast easy, and offers great control for going upwind or running with the wind. A custom lever vang controls boom lift and mast bend.

This boat has four headsails to cover any wind condition. A deep mainsail works well with the two large jibs, and the flat main with two rows of grommets for reefing gives a balanced helm with the #3 jib in winds up to 15 kts before reefing. There is a tiny storm jib that I have never felt the need to use, reefing the flat main with #3 jib gives the boat plenty of control in winds of 20 kts. The gennys adjust well with the track cars, and the #3 jib shapes best with the Ronstan standing blocks positioned between the tracks and the shroud plates.

Running in light winds, the adjustable whisker pole lets the 150% #2 jib fly wing-on-wing to maximize speed. There is a super light spinaker I have never rigged and flown, with a doubled-ended pole and adjustable mast track.

The vang, downhaul (Cunningham), furler and anchor lines are run to the front of the cockpit for convenience and safety. The main halyard and backstay adjuster are also within reach. Barient winches trim the jib while an oversize mainsheet is easy on bare hands. | © 2004 Randall S. Boren | Melbourne, Florida USA | Site Map
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