Roller furling swivel for several sails
On a trailered sailboat, a roller furled headsail can be a problem. I did not want to convert all four sails to a wire luff or buy a flexible extruded foil for the head stay because of the high costs of these conversions. After a futile search on the web, I developed an idea for making a bearing system that would let the sails hoist on standard hanks, but swivel so that the halyard would not be wrapped when the furling line was pulled. I designed a support for a standard trailer wheel bearing that would let the head of the sail wind up independent of the halyard that hoisted it up the stay. There is an extra margin of safety in being able to quickly lower a sail if the winds become unexpectedly strong to prevent fouling and flapping which can damage the sail and make the boat difficult to control and anchor. | © 2004 Randall S. Boren | Melbourne, Florida USA | Site Map
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