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Randall Boren was raised in Melbourne, Florida, surrounded by the technological excitement of America's space program. He began to make his mark as a gifted creative designer with success in high school Science Fair competitions where he won dozens of awards including three top honors at the International Science Fair in Anaheim, CA. Complimenting his five years of volunteer service in the Civil Air Patrol, his self-directed study project resulted in the design of a high performance general aviation training aircraft supported with the construction of a small wind tunnel in his garage.

After graduating in 1986 from Auburn University's College of Architecture and Design with a degree in Product Design (B.Ind) and an internship with IBM in Lexington KY, Randall Boren returned to the Space Coast of Florida where he began consulting for small businesses. His early clients included private inventors and an Industrial Design team with credits including Cigarette Boats. After building several tradeshow exhibits and a dozen outdoor signs, Mr. Boren recognized the growing demand for talented desktop publishers and was retained by Morris Overseas Tours to develop an identity as a expert in the emerging field of adventure travel. Within four years, 'World Wide Surfing Adventures' was sponsoring episodes on ESPN TV featuring professional surfers exploring beautiful off-the-track locations that are now familiar to eco-adventurers around the world. Through co-operative advertising agreements, WWSA was able to finance an extensive print campaign that won a huge segment of this growing industry under Mr. Boren's direction.

Working with a commercial print shop that produced his tens of thousands of full color travel catalogs each year, Mr. Boren refined his skills in print production and graphic design and was eventually hired to lead the conversion of that print shop from paste-up to digital pre-press. With new Macintosh computers and a film imagesetter, he worked closely with the pressmen to improve the quality of every color print job as All Service Graphics Inc. grew in both size and reputation. Within a few years, Mr. Boren had trained a replacement department leader and returned to private practice where he continued to send his clients' work to his former shop. During this time he also wrote and taught computer graphics sessions at a defense contractor, at local publications and at a Macintosh sales and training center. His ability to expand the limits of desktop publishing software answered a demand in the local graphics community that he enjoyed fulfilling.

During his first year of consulting in adventure marketing, Mr. Boren also accepted a position with Mercury Power Boat at their Product Development and Engineering facility in Rockledge, Florida. Mr. Boren was put in charge of several Fisher, Monark and Starcraft boats in the unique position of both conceptualizing new designs and engineering US Coast Guard compliance. He developed many accessory products, one of which was granted the first patent issued to the new PD&E division. However, with the federal luxury tax of 1989 the marine industry suffered a dramatic loss of sales and both plants of PD&E were shut down. Two decades later many of the designs that his PD&E team created are sold almost unchanged.

Throughout the 90's Mr. Boren continued to work with small businesses by providing a one stop solution for the design and delivery of marketing materials. He helped many of his customers grow to dominate in the diverse industries of action sports and specialty electronics, which required distinctly different approaches to brand identity and demonstrated his versatility. Ocean Potion and X-Trak products appealed to young outdoor adventure seekers that make up the X-Game generation and are branded with vibrant colors and emotional impact selling, but the electronic manufactures sold to conservative institutional buyers with focus on specifications and feature compliance that required an entirely different design strategy.

Mr. Boren's core group of long term clients found that his design expertise equipped him with a perspective that they could not find at many of the agencies in the area - creative thinking backed with technical comprehension added to the personal service found by working directly with a production staff of one. The advantage for business owners was to have direct involvement in the design feedback process without details being lost in the communications between a sales rep, art director, and the production team. With this close involvement, the company principals could even be relieved of tracking periodical art deadlines so they could concentrate on other aspects of running their small business, effectively having a personal creative team without the complexity of hiring additional staff. This personal contact with each company ensured that Mr. Boren's work was consistent with the design standards and principles he and his clients had established to put their seasonal marketing and long term branding plans in action.

After the year 2000 Mr. Boren found that he was no longer able to provide adequate one-stop service because he was not web literate. He found a position with Harris Publishing Systems Corp., a leading supplier of software for the newspaper industry, where he advanced his web education. In the role of Quality Engineer II, Mr. Boren was assigned to the testing and installation of a software system that automatically created web pages to met a unique need of news organizations: to replace their large website each night with all new content (pre 'dot net' era). This software system used work-flows and content tagging to reformat stories into extensible page templates, instantly creating new HTML pages totally hands-off once the content was approved and paginated for traditional printing. In this role Mr. Boren developed new test procedures, maintained test lab computer systems, and approved software builds for shipping. As the product matured, he was sent to Gannett newspaper sites and to the Press Association of UK, based in London, tasked with installing and configuring web servers and training their staff members. With the web fueled decline of the newspaper industry he elected to return to private practice.

In 2006, Randall Boren was employed in the marketing department of a Top 30 home builder. Shortly afterwards the company decided to completely revamp their antiquated static web site and Mr. Boren was selected to lead the research and construction of the new web site. Under his direction, Holiday Builders deployed their first dynamically populated web site using data fed from the existing operations and accounting database with visuals and marketing descriptions served from a web management system supplied by an experienced vendor, Builder Consulting of Kansas City. The design specifications, content layout, and data feed processes were directed by Mr. Boren who performed detailed analysis of the both the products and business model to design a site to both speak to the target audience and to serve as a resource for employees. Under his leadership and supervised by the VP of Marketing, the construction of the site involved the coordination of internal and external programmers, SEO and media team, architecture department, divisional sales directors, ad agency of record, three rendering agencies, and the executive operations team.

In February of 2009 amid the housing industry contraction and with the sunset of the Space Shuttle program in Brevard County FL, Randall Boren relocated to north Shelby County, Alabama, to continue his growth as a design and marketing professional.

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