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Technique and Training
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, QuarkXPress 4 and InDesign
Interested in computer graphics tutoring?

You can improve your speed and quality with computer graphics training custom tailored to your skill level and job demands.

Mr. Boren has been teaching since 1994 in classroom and business settings. He has worked in commercial printing and understands the entire graphics process.

Advanced techniques will set your work apart:

  • Color correcting independent of monitor errors.
  • Filter settings and layer operations.
  • Unusual techniques with vector drawing tools.
  • Perspective theory.
  • Combining raster and vector art for 3-D effects which are realistic, not plastic.
  • Practical planning for printing: dot gain & paper, CMYK vs. spot ink strategies, trapping and overprinting set-up.

Adobe Illustrator's Gradient Mesh tool can simulate a continuous tone photo.

Click for example in Adobe Illustrator
developed from a pencil sketch.
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